Week InReview: June 17, 2022

Hybrid meeting hell.
Photo illustration: Elena Scotti | WSJ, iStock, Shutterstock
Colleagues in the conference room. Others in the living room. Hybrid work made meetings even worse. Welcome to the hell of the hybrid meeting. Throw in the related side effects – office-people often ignoring the video-call people and that guy who always forgets to mute – and you're left longing for the simpler times of toilet-paper shortages, double-masking and all-day Zoom.
The hybrid model has emerged as the leading choice for many companies, with 42% of people with remote-capable jobs working partly at home and 39% working entirely from home, according to a February 2022 Gallup poll.
Microsoft, Google, Zoom and others are trying to solve the problems. The solutions won't fix everything. But there are big developments coming, along with creative – and some free – options you can start trying with your colleagues right now. 
— The Wall Street Journal

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