ESGaction™  promotes best practices and open standards for ESG, sustainable, and impact investing related disclosures, evaluation, research, benchmarking and risk management.

The ESGaction Council partnered with eVestment to develop GOODquestions™, a common ESG questionnaire for plan sponsor and consultant institutional mandate RFPs, RFIs, and DDQs which resulted in more accurate and adaptable ESG reporting from asset managers, prevents the unhelpful proliferation of forms, and frees up time and attention to focus on the substance of disclosures.

ESG leaders from among our community oversee and guide this effort to advance clarity around ESG practices on behalf of our firms and our common customers. 

GOODquestions™  | An open framework for common ESG related questionnaires for use in investor, plan sponsor, and consultant RFIs, RFPs, DDQs, and 15(c)s.

GOODbenchmarks™ | A suite of ESG related benchmarks for investor, plan sponsor, and consultant use.

GOODinvestments™ | An open ESG framework for investor, plan sponsor, and consultant investment research and risk management.

™ | A common ESG institutional investment advisor reporting framework for clients, prospects, intermediaries, regulators, shareholders, employees and/or other stakeholders to assist in the evaluation of workplace stewardship, sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.

Membership inquiries may be directed to:

John Gidman, President

Bryan White, Interim Executive Director