Latest Derivatives Council News

Derivatives Council of the Association of Institutional INVESTORS -- At its September meeting, the Derivatives Council agreed to form a clearinghouse of outstanding regulatory issues currently affecting the interests of asset managers with respect to swaps and derivatives.

Examples of these issues are:
  1. margin for non-cleared swaps;
  2. EMIR reporting concerning collateral;
  3. what constitutes eligible variation margin;
  4. next phases relating to SEFs; and
  5. how do all these issues interrelate in a sensible way.
Members are asked to submit their topics and issues to the Derivatives Council by clicking HERE.

The goal is to collect members' questions and then arrange a roundtable meeting to discuss these issues. Arranging a roundtable discussion by buy-side professionals with responsibility at member firms for derivatives trading, firm-wide operations or legal and compliance requirements is a service to our membership.

All members of the Association are represented on the Derivatives Council, which is chaired by John Bronson of Prudential Securities.

The Council also intends to archive any suggestions developed regarding these issues on the Association's Web site.

Feel free to contact staff adviser Joe Sack with any questions that you might have about this initiative of the Derivatives Council.