Week InAdvance: August 15, 2022

With data pointing to high but slowing US inflation, the Federal Reserve is left to judge how much further rates must rise to get prices under control. On Wednesday, investors will get minutes from the central bank's July meeting.
Walmart and Target led a list of retailers issuing profit warnings last month, shaking a sector that's digging out from an inventory glut left over from the Covid pandemic. They report earnings this week, along with Home Depot, Lowe's and China's e-commerce and social networking giant Tencent. 
In the midst of Europe's worst energy crisis in decades, Uniper SE of Germany reports earnings. The energy giant warned that it might have to cut output at two key coal-fired plants in Germany as it struggles to get fuel supplies along the Rhine River, whose water levels have fallen so low that it could effectively close soon.
Hedge funds' 13F filings are due Monday after a bruising quarter for investors. 

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