Week InReview: June 3, 2022

'I'll take meme stocks! Invest!'
Investomania: Meme Stocks
The Securities and Exchange Commission's Office of Investor Education and Advocacy on Wednesday unveiled a game show-themed public service campaign to help investors make informed investment decisions and avoid fraud. Recognizing that sometimes investing may look and feel like a game, the campaign titled “Investomania” reminds investors to do their due diligence when making investment decisions.
One of the goals of the Investomania campaign, which features a 30-second TV spot, 15-second informational videos on crypto assets, margin calls, and guaranteed returns, and interactive quizzes, is to reach existing, new, and future investors of all ages. The campaign encourages investors to research investments and get information from trustworthy sources to understand the risks before investing. The campaign also reminds investors to take advantage of the free financial planning tools and information on, the SEC's resource for investor education.
Check out the 15-second videos:
Crypto – In the video, a celebrity encourages investors to take their advice and buy crypto-assets. The video is intended to remind investors not to be tempted by celebrity endorsements and to do their own, independent research when making investment decisions.
Easy Money – This video reminds investors that there are no guaranteed financial returns on investments and that every investment – no matter how good it may sound – has a risk.
Margin – This video warns investors that borrowing money to invest can be very risky.

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