Week InAdvance: April 11, 2022

Mon Apr 11 EU foreign ministers have Russia on the agenda. | Tue Apr 12 U.S. CPI. Equal Pay Day in the EU. | Wed Apr 13 Thomas Jefferson Day commemorates the birthday of the 3rd president. | Thu Apr 14 U.S. bond market closes at 2 p.m. ahead of the Good Friday holiday. | Fri Apr 15 Good Friday. U.S. stock and bond markets are closed. U.S. government is open. U.K. financial markets are closed.
Inflation remains front and center as the war in Ukraine, now into a seventh week, amplifies price pressures.
In the holiday-shortened trading week, U.S. consumer price-inflation data is due Tuesday. Economists expect an 8.4% gain in March's index from a year earlier, a fresh four-decade high.
The European Central Bank and Bank of Canada decide on monetary policy, while investors will learn how Wall Street fared last quarter amid heightened volatility stemming from the Russia-Ukraine conflict and a focus on the Federal Reserve's tightening path.

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