Week InReview: January 21, 2022

Photo: Getty Images/iStockPhoto
FORGET ABOUT herd immunity. The Omicron wave will leave most people with potent and durable protection against Covid.
Covid-19 vaccines and prior infection don't provide lasting protection against infection and transmission, especially with the Omicron variant. That makes it impossible for enough of the population to become immune to stop the virus from spreading.
But don't despair. Omicron will give much of the population what some scientists call “superimmunity” — stronger protection against new variants and even future coronaviruses. Normal life will be possible even as the virus continues to spread and mutate. Superimmunity won't necessarily stop people from being infected or transmitting the virus. But most people who get infected, even with a more virulent variant, will experience mild or no symptoms.
— The Wall Street Journal (opinion)

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