Week InReview: December 10, 2021

Travel in the time of Covid.
Travel experts say the rapid reaction of various governments to the Omicron variant increases the risk of getting stuck in another country. A family waits to travel to the U.S. from Toronto. Photo: Nathan Denette/Associated Press
THERE'S A NEW variant affecting travel: Rapid government restrictions resulting from news of any new emerging health scare. It's a change travelers are going to have to get used to.
Uncertainty always depresses international travel, and many travelers are likely to postpone trips, choose domestic destinations or just find other activities or ways to conduct business. The emergence of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 prompted quick changes to requirements for entry into countries and even border closures in some cases.
Some travel experts say this represents a watershed moment for travel. Going forward, travel is seen as a spreader of disease, one that must be curtailed at the first sign of trouble.
That creates the possibility of serious disruption for travelers, perhaps akin to hurricanes or even terrorism attacks that lock down flights, strand travelers and prompt people to stay home.
That's a risk we will all have to take into account when we travel in the future.
— The Wall Street Journal

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