Week InReview: September 10, 2021

Feel your life is 'condensed into the computer'?
When the eye's not on the prize. One possible symptom of WFH burnout is an increasing sense that you can't concentrate on your work.
Illustration: John W. Tomac/WSJ
MANY AMERICANS are finding that the dehumanizing aspects of working remotely are taking a toll on their ability to stay focused and productive, no matter how many Post-It notes they stick on their walls.
At first, the work-from-home life had the elemental thrills of a snow day, with its languid commutes from bed to sofa. But with Covid-19 variants snuffing out the light at the end of the tunnel and companies postponing returns to the workplace, WFH is becoming WTF for many.
As we edge toward remote-work burnout, it's getting harder to stay focused and productive. Even our diversions are digital – “breaks” to play phone games bloat into 30-minute lapses – exacerbating our lack of human connection and our minds' tendencies to wander.
— The Wall Street Journal

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