Week InReview: June 11, 2021

Business travel redux.
The Outpost Canggu Coliving Villa in Bali
There are plenty of cringeworthy buzzwords for those who don't like their working lives to be tied to one place. The hashtag-fluent millennials heading for Canggu or Chiang Mai tend to be “digital nomads,” “glomads,” or even “techno-gypsies,” while the more sober prefer simply to go with “location-independent”.
Once the preserve of tech-industry freelancers, the blending of work and leisure travel is becoming increasingly mainstream.
Whichever corporate policies win the day, there's little doubt that a growing band of increasingly untethered workers is set to change both work and travel. More and more of us might have to admit, perhaps with a grimace, that we are “glomads” now.
— Financial Times

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