Week InAdvance: June 8, 2020

Mon Jun 8 World Bank global econ report. | Tue Jun 9 Senate Banking hearing on oversight of housing regulators. | Wed Jun 10 FOMC rate decision. Basel Committee meeting. OECD econ outlook. | Thu Jun 11 EU finmins in Luxembourg. Global governments are gradually easing their coronavirus lockdowns to revive economic growth while controlling the spread of Covid-19. In Europe, the Netherlands and Belgium plan to open bars and restaurants, Switzerland will allow universities to open and sex workers to resume their trade, Germany has okayed small gatherings; the Spanish soccer league La Liga will resume, Portugal has re-opened beaches, and Greece plans to relax rules on domestic travel. Elsewhere, New York City will begin re-opening after recording its first day since March with no virus fatalities, India starts a phased lifting of its nationwide lockdown, allowing malls and restaurants to open. South Africa opens schools, Tokyo has re-opened schools and gyms, and New Zealand could remove most of its remaining restrictions after virtually wiping out the coronavirus there.

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