Week InReview: April 28, 2017

Members of the INVESTORS Mortgage Securitization Council (MSC) were invited to attend a roundtable discussion at the U.S. Department of Treasury on Monday, May 1, from 1 - 4 p.m. The roundtable will be hosted by Craig Phillips, counselor to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and will include a diverse group of market participants with an interest in the private label securitization markets.

The goals of the MSC are to represent the interests of INVESTORS members and their clients in encouraging gradual, well-planned GSE reform, combined with a process for reinvigorating the non-agency RMBS market.

The focus of the MSC's commentary at the Treasury roundtable will most likely be the need for better investor protections, including the deal agent, bond holder communication, and standardized reps and warranties.

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