Week InReview: September 9, 2016

Let's recap In case you missed it . . . LPC: US Leveraged Loans Set to Float Again as Libor rises: After eight years of fixed interest rates, leveraged loans are poised to once again be allowed to float freely, pegged to Libor, with the rate borrowers pay lenders increasing as the benchmark rises (Sep 8) The G-20 Gets It But Is Unlikely to Act: The Group of 20 meeting last weekend received only light coverage from the press and market analysts. Either few took the trouble to read the 48-paragraph communique or, more likely, its contents were dismissed as wishful thinking that wouldn't be implemented any time soon (Sep 7) Banks' Bad Loans Declared Systemic Challenge for European Banks: European regulators urge 'coordinated, decisive' action; new laws needed to speed up workout of non-performing loans (Sep 7) Four Fresh Worries About China's Shadow Banking System: Draft rules seeking to shore up the $3.9 trillion market for wealth management products underscore a bunch of new worries (Sep 7) Keeping Up with High-Frequency Traders: Market regulators charged with overseeing orderly trading are fighting a losing battle when it comes to keeping up with super fast technology (Sep 5)

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