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Week InAdvance: January 31, 2022

Mon Jan 31 BNEF Summit in San Francisco. | Tue Feb 1 Lunar New Year. PRI meets virtually on 'The Investor Agenda'. | Wed Feb 2 Senate panel examines Medicare financing. | Thu Feb 3 Fed Board of Governors confirmation hearing. | Fri Feb 4 FSOC virtual meeting. Beijing Winter Olympics start amid global omicron wave.

Week InReview: January 28, 2022

How to retire now(ish).
Illustration: Derek Zheng for Bloomberg Businessweek
AFTER YEARS of watching strong markets swell portfolios, many recent and would-be retirees are in a nice spot — on paper. But it may be an awkward and anxious moment emotionally. The assets that sent account balances to such heights – particularly a handful of big U.S. technology stocks – now look expensive by many measures and have been showing some weakness this year. At the same time, reducing your exposure to stocks feels dangerous with inflation running at the highest rate in decades, eating away the modest returns of more conservative investments. And with the rise in interest rates seen by many as just getting started, bond funds look vulnerable to losses.
Bloomberg Wealth | Finance

Week InAdvance: January 24, 2022

Mon Jan 24 Europe PMIs show economic impact of omicron. | Tue Jan 25 IMF launches World Economic Outlook. | Wed Jan 26 SEC considers proposing rule amendments. FOMC rate decision and Fed chair news conference. | Thu Jan 27 U.S. GDP. More Covid restrictions to be lifted in England.

Week InReview: January 21, 2022

Photo: Getty Images/iStockPhoto
FORGET ABOUT herd immunity. The Omicron wave will leave most people with potent and durable protection against Covid.
Covid-19 vaccines and prior infection don’t provide lasting protection against infection and transmission, especially with the Omicron variant. That makes it impossible for enough of the population to become immune to stop the virus from spreading.
But don’t despair. Omicron will give much of the population what some scientists call “superimmunity” — stronger protection against new variants and even future coronaviruses. Normal life will be possible even as the virus continues to spread and mutate. Superimmunity won’t necessarily stop people from being infected or transmitting the virus. But most people who get infected, even with a more virulent variant, will experience mild or no symptoms.
— The Wall Street Journal (opinion)

Week InAdvance: January 17, 2022

Mon Jan 17 U.S. equity and bond markets closed for Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. | Tue Jan 18 European Parliament picks new president. | Wed Jan 19 Americans can order free at-home Covid-19 tests. | Thu Jan 20 OECD-Asian corporate governance roundtable.

Week InReview: January 14, 2022

Get your sleep back on track.
Illustration: Efi Chalikopoulou/WSJ
TWO YEARS of pandemic-related habits are making sleep challenges worse, with many people struggling to fall asleep and waking up more often. There are daytime steps that can prime us for better nights – like moving more, limiting caffeine and reducing stress – but they don’t always ensure a restful sleep. What you do at night matters too. Among experts’ recommendations: Avoid screens before bed and keep office or gym activities out of the bedroom.
— The Wall Street Journal

Week InAdvance: January 10, 2022

U.S. Senate confirmation hearings will be held this week for Jerome Powell, nominated for a second term as Federal Reserve chair, and Lael Brainard, nominated as deputy chair.  

Week InReview: January 7, 2022

How's your B.S. meter working?
Illustration: Steven Salerno/WSJ
HAS YOUR B.S. detector gotten rusty?
It’s understandable. We’ve been isolated for so long, interacting in narrow circles, often of like-minded people. We’re unprepared for the assault of someone spewing false information right to our face. But detecting B.S. – shorthand for a coarser version of what my grandmother called hogwash – is a crucial skill, also known as critical thinking, as we head back out into the world.
— The Wall Street Journal

Week InAdvance: January 3, 2022

Tue Jan 4 CES is back in Las Vegas. | Wed Jan 5 FOMC minutes. OPEC+ meeting. | Thu Jan 6 'New Green Shoots' nature finance webinar. | Fri Jan 7 U.S. employment report for December. Supreme Court considers shot-or-test rule for large employers.