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Week InAdvance: October 18, 2021

Mon Oct 18 5th Annual DC Fintech Week. OECD explores government beyond recovery. PRI digital conference. | Tue Oct 19 Gender diversity in the boardroom & C-suite on Fed's agenda. | Wed Oct 20 CISA webinar. COP26 prep. Beige Book. | Thu Oct 21 FSOC meets on climate & stablecoins. EU leaders hold two-day summit.

Week InReview: October 15, 2021

Sleep to Work.
Illustration: Marysia Machulska/WSJ
A LOT of people say work has invaded their sleep, especially during the pandemic, as boundaries have been obliterated and burnout is on the rise. Many of our dreams are about our deepest insecurities and fears, and the ways in which we think we’re falling short in our careers.
We dream about what preoccupies us, and during the pandemic things got weird. The good news: dreams can help us solve problems, or reach realizations about our careers and ourselves.
— The Wall Street Journal

Week InAdvance: October 11, 2021

Mon Oct 11 IMF/World Bank annual meetings start in DC. OECD green finance & investment forum. Bond markets closed in U.S. and Canada. | Tue Oct 12 'SEC Speaks' held virtually. IMF publishes its World Economic Outlook and Global Financial Stability Report. | Wed Oct 13 G20 finmins & central bank govs meet in DC. CPI released. FOMC minutes. CISA summit. | Thu Oct 14 FDA meets to discuss Moderna and Pfizer booster Covid shots. | Fri Oct 15 BIS GM participates in IIF fireside chat.

Week InReview: October 8, 2021

I work, therefore I am.
Photo: Dominic Bugatto/WSJ
WE PUT in too many hours; we don’t take vacation; we can’t say no to that 6 a.m. conference call. Underneath it all is something bigger: an emotional attachment to our jobs that exhausts us and squeezes out the other parts of our identities. For years, we were told to find meaning and purpose at work, while other parts of modern life, like church, receded. Then came the pandemic.
Boundaries gone, meetings multiplying, many say work has taken over their lives during the pandemic. Can we learn to care less? (Ideally, without having a brush with death?) What happens if we let go, just a little? Here’s how to gain perspective and take back control.
— The Wall Street Journal

Week InAdvance: October 4, 2021

Mon Oct 4 Mainland Chinese markets closed through Thursday for the Golden Week holidays. | Tue Oct 5 OECD ministerial council, chaired by U.S. | Wed Oct 6 SEC, MSRB, FINRA muni compliance program. CISA webinar. IOSCO conference on securities, trading, and market infrastructure. BIS big tech forum. | Thu Oct 7 ECB/Fed conference. | Fri Oct 8 Nobel Peace Prize awarded. U.S.payrolls, unemployment rate.

Week InReview: October 1, 2021

Deflation, inequality, hackers... oh my!!
Mohamed El-Erian, Cathie Wood, and Scott Minerd
Photo: Bloomberg
THE RISKS facing investors and the global economy are myriad and growing. Bloomberg asked three of the most visionary people in the financial industry what they’re most worried about over the next five to 10 years: Cathie Wood, whose Ark Investment Management attracted billions of dollars in the past year after her tech-focused bets trounced the market in 2020; Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic adviser to Allianz SE and a Bloomberg Opinion columnist; and Scott Minerd, chair of Guggenheim Investments. 
— Bloomberg Wealth