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Week InAdvance: November 30, 2020

Mon Nov 30 Brexit trade-deal talks. | Tue Dec 1 Powell, Mnuchin in the Senate. OPEC+ meeting. | Wed Dec 2 Powell, Mnuchin in the House. Fed's Beige Book. | Thu Dec 3 FSOC telecon. | Fri Dec 4 BIS conference. U.S. jobless claims.

Week InReview: November 27, 2020

Black Friday? What about Sock Friday?
We’re all craving comfort. Exhausted Americans are hunkering down for winter — and gifts that were once considered a little boring and last-minute will be uncharacteristically thrilling. Amid a stubborn, stay-at-home pandemic, basic gifts outclass luxury items.
— The Wall Street Journal

Week InAdvance: November 23, 2020

Mon Nov 23 Brexit talks close to breakthrough. | Tue Nov 24 Basel Committee on Banking Supervision meets. | Wed Nov 25 FOMC meeting minutes. | Thu Nov 26 U.S. equity and bond markets are closed. | Fri Nov 27 Black Friday.

Week InReview: November 20, 2020

How to give good face.
Clockwise from left, tools to help you look your on-screen best: the Sony RX100 camera, Facebook Portal Mini, Logitech StreamCam and Apple's iPhone 11 Pro. 
Photo illustration: Emil Lendof/WSJ, Photos: Sony
During the pandemic, cloud-based video calling enabled everything from all-hands meetings to remote workout classes to weddings — and with Covid-19 cases on the rise again, it doesn’t look like our this life is going to stop soon. From art displays to a smartphone-turned-webcam, here's how to look good on your next video call.
— The Wall Street Journal

Week InAdvance: November 16, 2020

Mon Nov 16 Brexit crunch time. IOSCO annual meeting. | Tue Nov 17 Senate Banking hearing on SEC oversight. LabCFTC session. | Wed Nov 18 Women's Forum Global Meeting. | Thu Nov 19 IOSCO meets on securities & trading. | Fri Nov 20 Virtual G20 Leaders' Summit & finmins meeting.

Week InReview: November 13, 2020

Have pod, will travel.
Photographer: Janne Iivonen/The Wall Street Journal
After months of sheltering in place together, some families and tight groups of friends are slowly venturing farther than the patio. Hotels and tour operators, eager to fill the vacancies and compete with vacation rentals, now offer packages tailored to those sets of travelers who wish to be together but at a comfortable remove from other guests.
You don’t need a private-island budget to get away with your inner circle of family and close-knit friends. From Hawaii to Puerto Rico, hotels and tour companies are catering to Covid-wary groups.
— The Wall Street Journal

Week InAdvance: November 9, 2020

Mon Nov 9 IOSCO annual meeting. | Tue Nov 10 Senate Banking financial regulators oversight hearing. | Wed Nov 11 Paris Peace Forum. U.S. Veterans Day holiday. | Thu Nov 12 Prudential regulators hearing in the House. | Fri Nov 13 G20 finmins & central bankers meet.

Week InReview: November 6, 2020

Room at the inn.
When cabin fever strikes, try a hotel. Hotel chains are renting rooms at day rates to at-home workers who seek privacy and quiet. Instead of a coffee break, take a lunchtime dip in the pool.
— The Wall Street Journal

Week InAdvance: November 2, 2020

Mon Nov 2 Brexit talks. | Tue Nov 3 Election night in the U.S.. | Wed Nov 4 Fed, BoE Big Data forum. | Thu Nov 5 FOMC rate decision. | Fri Nov 6 U.S. unemployment data.