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Week InAdvance: June 29, 2020

Mon Jun 29 New round of post-Brexit talks. | Tue Jun 30 Powell & Mnuchin appear at House Financial Services hearing. | Wed Jul 1 Successor agreement to Nafta comes into force. FOMC meeting minutes. | Thu Jul 2 U.S. bond markets close at 2 pm in observance of Independence Day holiday. | Fri Jul 3 U.S. Independence Day holiday observed. Markets closed, along with government offices.
Governments are gradually easing Covid-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions to revive economic growth, while attempting to control any resurgence of Covid-19. Infections have flared up in much of the U.S., plus there have been new scares in Germany and Australia. Brazil, India and Indonesia continue to see cases soar. The pandemic’s economic fallout is global: the World Bank predicts more than 90% of world economies will experience a recession this year.
Russians are voting on changes to their constitution, which if approved would allow Vladimir Putin to remain in power until 2036. Top Chinese lawmakers meet and are expected to finish new national security legislation for Hong Kong.

Week InReview: June 26, 2020

#backtowork | A virtual tour
The city that never sleeps has headed back to the office, sort of.
New York City on Monday started allowing companies to reopen their office spaces, which have been closed for months to nonessential workers. WSJ's graphics team compiled a visual tour of potential adaptations and guidelines for reducing virus risk.
Not many people are going back yet. Some firms are choosing to keep their offices closed for now, while others have opted to open them at significantly reduced occupancy. Many companies have talked to workers about what jobs can – and can't – be successfully done from home, giving employees a voice about whether they prefer to keep working remotely.

Week InAdvance: June 22, 2020

Week inAdvance Monday | Jun 22, 2020 Mon Jun 22 Apple’s WWDC. Russia-U.S. arms control talks. | Tue Jun 23 G20 financial architecture meeting. | Wed Jun 24 IMF releases 2020 economic forecast. | Thu Jun 25 Fed stress tests. CFTC considers final and proposed rules. FDIC meets on Volcker Rule changes. | Fri Jun 26 SEACEN directors meeting. Governments are gradually easing Covid-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions to revive economic growth while attempting to control the spread of the coronavirus. Beijing is shutting schools amid a virus resurgence, and Spain is lifting its lockdown. JPMorgan will begin bringing dealers back to its Manhattan trading floors. France reopens schools and the Eiffel Tower. Moscow will allow kindergartens and sports facilities to reopen and hold its Red Square WWII victory parade. The U.S. and Russia send officials to Vienna for a new round of arms-control talks. The Fed releases results of stress tests on large U.S. banks, and Apple holds its annual Worldwide Developers Conference online to introduce new products.

Week InReview: June 19, 2020

Business travel not taking off soon.
Corporate America’s wings are clipped, and some CEOs say it is better that way.
After months of doing their jobs from home, many executives and employees say all those hours in the sky and nights away from home may not be necessary going forward. Turns out, one-meeting trips to see a client face to face can be handled just as effectively via videoconference.
Some executives plan to hold meetings with their lieutenants by video call from now on. In sales, there are professionals who say they have found that all-online meetings even give them certain advantages over face-to-face pitches of prospective clients.

Week InAdvance: June 15, 2020

Mon Jun 15 36th ASEAN summit. | Tue Jun 16 SEC muni conference. Fed chair in the House. | Wed Jun 17 Fed chair in the Senate. | Thu Jun 18 SEC small business forum. | Fri Jun 19 EU summit creates bullish hopes. Governments are gradually easing their Covid-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions to revive economic growth while controlling the spread of the coronavirus. New Jersey residents can take driving tests again. Greece reopens its borders to visitors from China and 28 other countries. San Francisco residents can enjoy outdoor restaurant dining and send their kids to summer camp. Tokyo plans to lift all business restrictions. China will test vaccines on volunteers traveling overseas. And the English Premier League restarts, behind closed doors.

Week InReview: June 12, 2020

The office reimagined.
Employers are trying to create offices where their employees will feel safe. So what might office workers return to? Social distancing and sanitizing, but also better air quality and soothing soundscapes.

Week InAdvance: June 8, 2020

Mon Jun 8 World Bank global econ report. | Tue Jun 9 Senate Banking hearing on oversight of housing regulators. | Wed Jun 10 FOMC rate decision. Basel Committee meeting. OECD econ outlook. | Thu Jun 11 EU finmins in Luxembourg. Global governments are gradually easing their coronavirus lockdowns to revive economic growth while controlling the spread of Covid-19. In Europe, the Netherlands and Belgium plan to open bars and restaurants, Switzerland will allow universities to open and sex workers to resume their trade, Germany has okayed small gatherings; the Spanish soccer league La Liga will resume, Portugal has re-opened beaches, and Greece plans to relax rules on domestic travel. Elsewhere, New York City will begin re-opening after recording its first day since March with no virus fatalities, India starts a phased lifting of its nationwide lockdown, allowing malls and restaurants to open. South Africa opens schools, Tokyo has re-opened schools and gyms, and New Zealand could remove most of its remaining restrictions after virtually wiping out the coronavirus there.

Week InReview: June 5, 2020

#wfh | How Do You (Really) Feel?
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly one-third of the U.S. workforce, and half of all “information workers,” are able to work from home. Though the number of people working partially or fully remote has been on the rise for years now, the Covid-19 pandemic may have pressed the fast-forward button on this trend.
With millions of people taking part in this work-from-home experiment, it’s worth asking the question — how do people and companies actually feel about working from home?

Week InAdvance: June 1, 2020

Mon Jun 1 SEC fixed income panel meets on credit ratings and bond pricing. | Tue Jun 2 CARES hearing in the Senate. | Wed Jun 3 BIS FSI innovative tech forum. | Thu Jun 4 CFTC considers final rule for CPOs & CTAs. | Fri Jun 5 OECD/WWF green recovery webinar.

Global governments are gradually easing their coronavirus lockdowns to revive economic growth while controlling the spread of Covid-19. Social distancing policies required for re-openings include spreading out restaurant tables, limiting groups, fever checks, stepped up sanitation, and the now-ubiquitous masks.