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Week InReview: May 29, 2020

Employers and legislators are turning their attention to the eventual reopening of workplaces, and in some places it is already happening.
But many employees remain nervous about their health, and about how they will make ends meet if they can’t return to work. Meanwhile, many employers are confused by an onslaught of guidelines, rules, executive orders and recommendations from the White House, governors and an array of federal and state agencies. Just last week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission updated its guidance for employers, hoping to clarify questions about testing employees and job applicants, protecting confidential information and accommodating workers with underlying health conditions.
To help make sense of fast-changing rules and norms, The Wall Street Journal consulted a panel of employment lawyers and other experts. While not all of the policies and guidelines referred to here are hard-and-fast requirements, the following answers to some common questions do reflect best practices, the experts say.
— The Wall Street Journal

Week InAdvance: May 25, 2020

Mon May 25 U.S. markets closed for Memorial Day. | Tue May 26 NYSE will partially reopen trading floors. | Wed May 27 SEC Asset Management Advisory Committee meets on Covid-19 and the asset management industry. | Thu May 28 CFTC call to consider extending initial margin requirements compliance schedule. Global governments are gradually lifting their Covid-19 lockdowns, opening certain schools, offices, factories, resorts, restaurants, sports, retailers, religious services, gyms, hair salons, cinemas, parks and beaches. Even the New York Stock Exchange trading floor will open to a few brokers. Some of the world’s hot spots remain mostly closed, though, including Tokyo and New York City. All times are Eastern and subject to change.

Week InReview: May 22, 2020

It's the stuff you don't see coming that gets you.
One of the most frustrating and terrifying things about this pandemic is its unpredictability. From its effects to how it spreads, it keeps surprising us, usually in unpleasant ways. News out of China suggesting the coronavirus may have mutated in a new wave there is the latest example — though it could also be an example of the misinformation and conclusions-jumping the disease’s mysterious nature inspires.
— Bloomberg Technology & Ideas (opinion)

Week InAdvance: May 18, 2020

Mon May 18 EU finmins meet. | Tue May 19 Mnuchin & Powell on the Hill. | Wed May 20 FOMC minutes. | Thu May 21 BIS conference in Ottawa. | Fri May 22 UN International Day for Biological Diversity. U.S. bond market closes at 2pm for Memorial Day holiday. Global governments continue implementing plans for a gradual return to normal as pressure mounts to reopen economies and release people from Covid-19 lockdowns.

Week InReview: May 15, 2020

Six Feet of Separation.
Just how big is a 6-foot social-distancing buffer? Big enough that, as economic activity starts to resume, many public and business settings will have to adapt.
In some cases, employees’ temperatures will be taken before entering the workplace. Desks may be spaced farther apart, and cubicles may make a reappearance in some offices.

Week InAdvance: May 11, 2020

Mon May 11 EU and U.K. continue Brexit talks. | Tue May 12 Financial regulators in the Senate. | Wed May 13 Financial regulators in the House. | Thu May 14 FSOC closed meeting. | Fri May 15 Money managers file SEC Form 13F. Global governments are implementing plans for a gradual return to normality as pressure mounts to reopen economies and release people from Covid-19 lockdowns.

Week InReview: May 8, 2020

Counting one's blessings.
Reminding ourselves what we’re grateful for is one of the most powerful ways we can boost what mental-health experts call the psychological immune system. Researchers use the concept to describe a set of emotional processes that help protect our mental health, just as the physiological immune system aims to safeguard our physical health. A strong psychological immune system keeps us mentally resilient.
— The Wall Street Journal

Week InAdvance: May 4, 2020

Mon May 4 SEC investor advisory panel. G20 digital economy workshop. | Tue May 5 Ceres 2020 virtual conference. | Wed May 6 SEC meets on new NMS plan. | Thu May 7 CFTC energy & environment panel.

Week InReview: May 1, 2020

#fomo no more
The “fear of missing out” used to cause pervasive dread. But in a socially altered time, there’s an unlikely use for it. Maybe FOMO isn’t dead. It just feels better now.
— The Wall Street Journal Magazine