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Week InAdvance: December 30, 2019

New Year's Closures | Fed Minutes

Week InReview: December 27, 2019

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Week InAdvance: December 23, 2019

Christmas Closures | Trilateral Summit in China | Annual Solar Eclipse

Week InReview: December 20, 2019

The darkest day of the year.
In 2019, the winter solstice for the Northern Hemisphere occurs on Saturday, December 21, at 11:19 p.m. EST.
What is the winter solstice? It’s the astronomical moment when the Sun reaches the Tropic of Capricorn, we have our shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere in terms of daylight. Regardless of what the weather is doing outside your window, the solstice marks the official start of winter. 

Week InAdvance: December 16, 2019

Mon Dec 16 BOE publishes financial stability report. | Tue Dec 17 NY Fed econ briefing. | Wed Dec 18 SEC votes on various Dodd-Frank items. Finra Reg BI conference in DC. CFTC meets on proposed & final rules. | Fri Dec 20 Quadruple witching.

Week InReview: December 13, 2019

"One theory of the world is that there is a group of like a dozen people who control every large corporation on earth and so wield immense though quiet power. 'The Problem of Twelve,' Harvard professor John Coates calls it, and it is one of my favorite conspiracy theories in that it is (1) boring and straightforward in its premises, (2) profound and far-reaching in its implications, and (3) kinda true. The 12 people (give or take) are the heads of the big asset-management firms, companies like BlackRock and Vanguard, and they collectively control much of the voting power at almost every public company. Most companies are answerable to them; they get to tell companies what to do, and they exercise this power to push their particular priorities.

Week InAdvance: December 9, 2019

Mon Dec 9 UN climate talks continue. | Tue Dec 10 CFTC considers proposed & final rules. | Wed Dec 11 CFTC's MRAC meeting. FOMC rate decision. | Thu Dec 12 BIS-CGFS workshop in Basel.

Week InReview: December 6, 2019

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Week InAdvance: December 2, 2019

Mon Dec 2 Madrid hosts annual UN climate talks. | Tue Dec 3 SASB symposium in NYC. | Wed Dec 4 FSOC meets on nonbank SIFIs and repurchase agreements. | Thu Dec 5 OPEC+ meeting in Vienna. | Fri Dec 6 Hearing on AI and Wall Street robots.