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Week InReview: November 29, 2019

Week InReview
Friday | Nov 29, 2019
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Week InAdvance: November 25, 2019

Mon Nov 25 CFTC considers proposed & final rules. | Tue Nov 26 CPMI meets in Basel on cyber risk. | Wed Nov 27 Beige Book. | Thu Nov 28 U.S. markets closed. | Fri Nov 29 U.S. equities market closes at 1pm, U.S. bond market closes at 2pm.

Week InReview: November 22, 2109

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Week InAdvance: November 18, 2019

Mon Nov 18 NYSE drops the speed bump. | Tue Nov 19 Private fund practices in the House. | Wed Nov 20 FOMC minutes. | Thu Nov 21 FinTech/BigData hearing. | Fri Nov 22 G20 foreign ministers in Japan.

Week InReview: November 15, 2019

Is direct indexing coming for the ETF?

ETFs compete with just about everything, be it mutual funds, derivatives and even single security investing. Their newest competition is direct indexing, which means investing in a customized portfolio directly – bypassing the fund wrapper altogether.

On this week’s "Trillions," Brian Langstraat, the CEO of Parametric, the largest direct indexing provider explains what direct indexing is, who it is for, what the benefits and drawbacks are and why it isn’t the "ETF killer" some have called it. Morgan Barna of Bloomberg Intelligence joins the discussion as well.

— Bloomberg Business Podcast (running time 38:26)

Week InAdvance: November 11, 2019

Mon Nov 11 Stock markets open, bond markets closed for Veterans Day; local, state and federal government offices will be closed. | Tue Nov 12 SEC small business panel. | Wed Nov 13 Powell addresses Joint Economic Committee of Congress. IOSCO-FSI forum in Madrid. BRICS summit in Brasilia. | Thu Nov 14 Money managers with more than $100 million of U.S. traded equities must disclose their holdings by filing the SEC's Form 13F.

Week InReview: November 8, 2019

Down a rabbit hole of old trading videos.
Paul Tudor Jones - Trader Documentary 1987
A collection of classics, including the great 1987 Paul Tudor Jones documentary "Trader."

Week InAdvance: November 4, 2019

Mon Nov 4 SEC's FIMSAC to address fixed income markets issues. | Tue Nov 5 SEC considers new rules for proxy advisory firms amid corporate calls to rein them in. | Wed Nov 6 ECB forum on banking supervision. | Thu Nov 7 FSOC meets on nonbank financial company designations. | Fri Nov 8 SF Fed hosts conference on the economics of climate change.

Week InReview: November 1, 2019

Repo riches.

"Exiles from Wall Street’s old proprietary trading desks were among those who cashed in on September’s spiking repo rates, and now they’re lining up for the next big move.

"Tucked away at funds from Sydney to Boston, traders who make their livelihood arbitraging dislocated market rates are eyeing another windfall like the repo madness that caught the Federal Reserve on the back foot and left the likes of Jamie Dimon largely on the sidelines."

Ex-prop traders who won big on repo are ready for next big spike