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Week InAdvance: October 28, 2019

Mon Oct 28 China's ruling Communist Party holds plenum. | Tue Oct 29 IOSCO monitoring board in Madrid. | Wed Oct 30 FOMC rate decision. Basel Committee meets. | Thu Oct 31 ASEAN in Bangkok. | Sunday, Nov 3 Global Future Councils in Dubai.

Week InReview: October 25, 2019

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Week InAdvance: October 21, 2019

Tue Oct 22 CAT in the Senate. Housing finance in the House. | Wed Oct 23 Facebook CEO on the Hill. | Thu Oct 24 Mario Draghi's ECB swansong. | Fri Oct 25 BIS workshop on digital currencies.

Week InReview: October 18, 2019

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Week InAdvance: October 14, 2019

Mon Oct 14 Canadian markets closed for Thanksgiving holiday. US bond market and federal government offices closed for Columbus Day. | Tue Oct 15 IMF and World Bank annual meetings. | Wed Oct 16 CFTC meets on margin rules for uncleared swaps. | Thu Oct 17 G20 finmins in DC. | Fri Oct 18 US tariffs on billions of dollars of EU products, including Scotch whiskeys, French wine and cheese, take effect.

Week InReview: October 11, 2019

Fed’s latest move needs a name.

QE, or not QE? That is the question bedeviling the monetary-policy peanut gallery after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell announced on Tuesday that the central bank had decided to increase its purchases of short-term Treasurys, but that the move shouldn’t be considered a form of quantitative easing.

“This is not QE. In no sense is this QE,” Powell said.

-- The Wall Street Journal

Week InAdvance: October 7, 2019

Mon Oct 7 Nobel Prize week opens in Stockholm. | Tue Oct 8 New IMF managing director delivers curtain raiser speech in DC. | Wed Oct 9 FOMC minutes released. | Thu Oct 10 US-China trade talks in DC. | Fri Oct 11 Chinese president & Indian PM meet in Tamil Nadu.

Week InReview: October 4, 2019

Too big to lend?

"Analysts and bank rivals said big changes JPMorgan made in its balance sheet played a role in the spike in the repo market, which is an important adjunct to the Fed Funds market and used by the Fed to influence interest rates...

"Publicly-filed data shows JPMorgan reduced the cash it has on deposit at the Federal Reserve, from which it might have lent, by $158 billion in the year through June, a 57% decline."

—JPMorgan cash hit Fed limits, roiling US repos: Reuters