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Week InAdvance: September 30, 2019

Mon Sep 30 IOSCO's World Investor Week. | Tue Oct 1 Chinese markets close for 7 days. | Wed Oct 2 ESMA board in Helsinki. | Thu Oct 3 CFTC's Technology Advisory Committee meets. | Fri Oct 4 Boston Fed's annual econ forum.

Week InReview: September 27, 2019

Tweet of the week.

Week InAdvance: September 23, 2019

Mon Sep 23 2019 US Treasury Market Conference. World leaders at UN. Autumn equinox. | Tue Sep 24 SEC members make rare joint appearance before Congress. CFTC's global markets panel meets on EMIR 2.2. | Wed Sep 25 SEC considers amendments to Rule 15c2-11. Beige Book. | Thu Sep 26 BIS fintech/digital currencies workshop. | Sunday, Sep 29 Shadow Open Market Committee meets on Fed's balance sheet.

Week InReview: September 20, 2019

"Think of memes as inside jokes on a massive scale. For instance, an image of a surprised cartoon character called Pikachu stands in for someone who is shocked but shouldn’t be. Or Kermit the Frog drinking tea with a superior grin while claiming that something is not his business. Users add text to the meme to make it relevant to their own interests.
"Finmemes are memes that are highly specific to finance. And on Instagram, they’re growing more popular by the day — the modern equivalent of cocaine and liar’s poker games on 1980s trading floors. 
"Your analyst might be posting one now. Or maybe you’re that analyst."

Week InAdvance: September 16, 2019

Mon Sep 16 Volcker rule at the CFTC. | Tue Sep 17 UNGA 74 opens in NYC. | Wed Sep 18 Volcker rule at the SEC. FOMC rate decision. | Thu Sep 19 SEC investors panel meets on disclosures & leverage. | Fri Sep 20 Brace for surging volatility on quadruple witching day.

Week InReview: September 13, 2019

Treasury Secretary details plans for Fannie, Freddie | Volcker the man blasts Volcker the rule in letter to Fed chair | Broker-dealer rule leaves investors at risk, states claim | Fed study suggests rising liquidity risk for mutual funds | Banks offload risk in move that contributed to crisis

Week InAdvance: September 9, 2019

Mon Sep 9 CFTC market risk panel public telecon. | Tue Sep 10 Senate Banking meets on housing finance reform. | Wed Sep 11 OECD seminar on global capital flows. | Thu Sep 12 OECD blockchain forum. | Fri Sep 13 EU finmins in Helsinki.

Week InReview: September 6, 2019

Michael Burry explains why index funds are like subprime CDOs

The hero of “The Big Short” has plenty to say about everything from central banks fueling distortions in credit markets to opportunities in small-cap value stocks and the “bubble” in passive investing. “Like most bubbles, the longer it goes on, the worse the crash will be,” he said. That means a lot, coming from someone who made his fortune and fame betting against CDOs before the crisis. One of his most provocative views: "The recent flood of money into index funds has parallels with the pre-2008 bubble in collateralized debt obligations, the complex securities that almost destroyed the global financial system."

— Bloomberg Future Finance

Week InAdvance: September 3, 2019

Wed Sep 4 FSOC closed meeting. | Thu Sep 5 SEC investor advisory telecon. | Fri Sep 6 Powell speaks in Zurich.