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Week InReview: June 28, 2019

Duration worries.

"... just look at the math. The Macaulay duration on a Bloomberg Barclays sovereign-debt index is near a record high of 8.32 years, meaning just a one-percentage-point increase in yields would equate to more than a $2.4 trillion loss."

— Trillion-dollar monster lurks as bonds price out duration risk

Week InAdvance: June 24, 2019

Mon Jun 24 IMF-WB-WTO workshop in Geneva. | Tue Jun 25 Senate hearing on SIFI designation for Fannie & Freddie. | Wed Jun 26 AI in the House. | Thu Jun 27 Fed to release more stress test results. | Fri Mar 28 G20 leaders summit in Japan. ARRC vendor workshop.

Week InReview: June 21, 2019

In case you missed it...

SEC's Clayton to regain swing vote status with Lee confirmation; Flood of debt instruments backed by property loans hits market; The hot new thing in funds is higher fees and more restrictions; and more!

Week InAdvance: June 17, 2019

Mon Jun 17 USTR tariffs hearing. | Tue Jun 18 FOMC two-day meeting. | Wed Jun 19 FOMC rate decision. Basel Committee meets. | Thu Jun 20 EU Summit. | Fri Jun 21 Fed stress test results. Summer arrives at 11:54 am EDT.

Week InReview: June 14, 2019

Lord Keynes meets Christine Lagarde

The illustration above points to a humorous conversation — 'Lord Keynes Pays a Visit' — envisioned by International Monetary Fund historian Atish Ghosh should John Maynard Keynes stop by the institution he co-founded some 75 years ago.

Week InAdvance: June 10, 2019

Tue Jun 11 SEC fixed income market structure advisory committee meets. | Wed Jun 12 CFTC market risk panel meets on climate-related financial risk. | Thu Jun 13 EU finmins in Luxembourg.

Week InReview: June 7, 2019

Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

"Cryptocurrency pioneer Justin Sun bid a record $4.57 million to have lunch with Warren Buffett, who famously referred to Bitcoin as 'probably rat poison squared.'

"Sun launched Tronix, also known as Tron or TRX token, in 2017. It’s valued at $2.56 billion and is the 10th largest cryptocurrency in the world, according to data provider The 28-year-old Chinese entrepreneur said he hopes to educate the Oracle of Omaha on cryptocurrency and the underlying technology, called blockchain.

“'It is very common in investment circles that people will change their minds,' Sun said in a telephone interview. 'Investment opportunities are best when lots of people are underestimating the technology.'"

Chinese crypto pioneer pays $4.57 million for lunch with Buffett

Week InAdvance: June 3, 2019

Mon Jun 3 ARRC forum on Libor transition. | Tue Jun 4 Leveraged lending in the House. | Wed Jun 5 SEC plans vote on best-interest rule. | Thu Jun 6 Global econ forum in St. Petersburg. | Fri Jun 7 G20 GPFI forum in Tokyo. | Sat Jun 8 G20 finmins in Fukuoka.