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Week InAdvance: December 17, 2018

Mon Dec 17 WTO reviews trade policy. | Tue Dec 18 China's 40th reform anniversary. | Wed Dec 19 FSOC meets on nonbank SIFIs, digital assets, DLT. FOMC rate decision. | Fri Dec 21 Winter solstice. Quadruple witching day.

Week InReview: December 14, 2018

Banks get kinder, gentler treatment under Trump

The Federal Reserve's Randal Quarles and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s Jelena McWilliams have spent several months touring the country, visiting bank examiners in regional offices, and asking them to adopt a less aggressive tone when flagging risky practices and pressing firms to change their behavior. (The Wall Street Journal | Dec 12)

Week InAdvance: December 10, 2018

Mon Dec 10 IOSCO in Dubai. | Tue Dec 11 Senate hearing on SEC oversight. | Wed Dec 12 WTO meets in Geneva. | Thu Dec 13 SEC panel to address ESG disclosures. | Fri Dec 14 Geminids meteor showers.

Week InReview: December 7, 2018

Bond market liquidity woes

"Get ready for a rocky ride in bond markets. The price of a safer banking system is more danger for investment institutions.

"U.S. and U.K. regulators last week sounded warnings about the knock-on effects for corporate debt markets when large institutional investors face demands for liquidity. These demands could cause more turmoil than in the past because investors now provide much more corporate funding and are more exposed to collateral calls from derivatives.

"The Fed is also concerned about the potential for runs from open-ended mutual funds. A drop in corporate debt prices could prompt a rush to redeem funds, sparking further falls and so on."

Price Impact of Trades and Limit Orders in the U.S. Treasury Securities Market
- Liberty Street Economics

Week InAdvance: December 3, 2018

Mon Dec 3 Joint Member Agencies at the NY Fed. UN Climate Summit in Poland. | Tue Dec 4 CFTC's MRAC. | Wed Dec 5 SEC considers revamping quarterly reports. | Thu Dec 6 SEC meets on muni disclosure.