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Week InAdvance: April 30, 2018

Mon Apr 30 MiFID deadline. | Tue May 1 Labor Day in many countries. | Wed May 2 Fed rate decision. | Sat May 5 Kentucky Derby.

Week InReview: April 27, 2018

Wagging the VIX A Bank of England 'Bank Underground' blog post indicates that exchange-traded products - whether they bet for or against volatility - magnify the effect of volatility: "When volatility spikes, issuers of leveraged VIX ETPs have to rebalance at the end of the day by buying large amounts of VIX futures. Perhaps somewhat counterintuitively, rebalancing flows are procyclical regardless of whether the ETP benefits from rising or falling volatility - issuers of both types of ETPs have to rebalance in a way which amplifies initial moves in volatility."

Is the tail wagging the dog? The impact of VIX exchange traded products on equity volatility

Week InAdvance: April 23, 2018

Mon Apr 23 SEC roundtable on thinly traded securities. | Tue Apr 24 BIS Basel III seminar in Miami. FSB steering group in Basel. IAIS seminar in Moscow. | Wed Apr 25 MSRB board meets. | Thu Apr 26 Eurofi high level seminar in Sofia. | Fri Apr 27 EU finmins in Sofia.

Week InReview: April 20, 2018

You are invited...

George Michael Gerstein, chair of the INVESTORS Legal & Regulatory Council cordially invites you to his firm's webcast "The SEC Proposals: Standards of Conduct for Investment Advisers and Broker-Dealers" featuring David Grim, former director of the SEC's Division of Investment Management.

Monday, Apr 23rd
1 - 2 pm EDT

Week InAdvance: April 16, 2018

Mon Apr 16 Commonwealth summit in London. | Tue Apr 17 G20 climate meeting in Buenos Aires. | Wed Apr 18 SEC to consider fiduciary rulemaking. CPMI, IOSCO in DC. Bretton Woods annual meeting. | Thu Apr 19 G20 finmins & central bank guvs in DC. | Fri Apr 20 IMF-World Bank spring meetings.

Week InReview: April 13, 2018


If you thought trading Bitcoin was wild, try figuring out how to pay taxes on it.

Cryptocurrency investors are wrestling with spotty records, tangled blockchain addresses and rudimentary guidelines issued back in the ancient days of 2014. After last year's boom in values, many people are likely disclosing transactions for the first time, adding to confusion.

For investors in need of help, it can be difficult to find someone who can adeptly take on the filing challenge. Many tax preparers are put off by the industry's lack of records, as well as its association with criminal activity, said David Klasing, an accountant and tax lawyer in Irvine, California, who specializes in digital currencies. Others simply don't have the expertise.

"The government is basically just telling practitioners to take a wild-ass guess," he said.

Bitcoin Buyers Now Have to Figure Out Their Taxes

Week InAdvance: April 9, 2018

Mon Apr 9 SEC's fixed income panel meets. 'Asia's Davos' in China. IMF updates World Economic Update. | Tue Apr 10 IOSCO panel in Madrid. | Wed Apr 11 FOMC meeting minutes. | Thu Apr 12 FSOC to discuss nonbank SIFIs. | Fri Apr 13 Summit of the America in Lima.

Week InReview: April 6, 2018

Fed's Williams shift to N.Y. as Powell shapes policy troika Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President John Williams was selected to run the U.S. central bank's powerful New York branch, installing a monetary economist in Fed Chair Jerome Powell's inner circle and a banking-industry outsider to help oversee Wall Street (Bloomberg Quint | Apr 3) & more!

Week InAdvance: April 2, 2018

Mon Apr 2 Easter Monday is a public holiday in many areas including the U.K., Australia, Canada, most of Europe. | Tue Apr 3 NY Fed SOFR debut. | Wed Apr 4 U.K. pay equity reports due. | Thu Apr 5 CCAR deadline. | Fri Apr 6 Central banks meet on climate in Amsterdam.