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Week InReview: March 30, 2018

US Treasury yield curve flattens to 10.5-year low The difference between short-dated and longer-dated US Treasury yields narrowed to a level last seen in 2007 on Wednesday, as investors weighed the prospect of a quicker pace of interest rate increases with rising uncertainties over the outlook for global growth (Financial Times | Mar 29) & more!

Week InAdvance: March 26, 2018

Mon Mar 26 IOSCO panel in Buenos Aires. | Tue Mar 27 G20 finance group in Paris. | Wed Mar 28 INVESTORS cyber & members meetings. | Fri Mar 30 U.S., Canadian, many worldwide markets closed for Good Friday holiday.

Week InReview: March 23, 2018

In Case You Missed It...

Could ETFs fall into a liquidity jam?
The ETF industry is now worth more than $4 trillion, magnifying the risk if the funds run into difficulties (The Wall Street Journal | Mar 21) & much more!

Week InAdvance: March 19, 2018

Mon Mar 19 OECD econ event in Buenos Aires. | Tue Mar 20 Spring Equinox. G20 finmins in Buenos Aires. Fed meets, may raise interest rates. | Wed Mar 21 IOSCO CRA panel in NYC. G20 data gaps meeting in DC. FOMC rate decision. | Thu Mar 22 EU leaders meet in Brussels on Brexit. | Fri Mar 23 Trilateral Commission in Singapore.

Week InReview: March 16, 2018

SEC proposes trader transaction fee pilot program:

(Mar 14) -- The Securities and Exchange Commission's five members voted unanimously to propose a study of transaction fee changes, including modifications to the "maker-taker" model.

Under the model, exchanges charge traders taking liquidity and provide access fee rebates to market makers giving it. Critics of the model claim brokers can direct orders to certain exchanges to capitalize on rebates and ignore the best prices or executions for clients.

The SEC's commissioners also voted 3-2 along party lines to propose a rule that would scale back liquidity reporting requirements for mutual funds.

Bloomberg BNA

Week InAdvance: March 12, 2018

Mon Mar 12 EU27 Brexit talks begin. | Tue Mar 13 CFTC's OIA plays host to global regulators in Boca Raton. | Wed Mar 14 SEC to meet on mutual fund liquidity disclosures. | Thu Mar 15 House hearings on CFIUS & stolen data. | Fri Mar 16 SEC Division of Enforcement oversight hearing. | Sat Mar 17 G20 deputies finance ministers & central bankers in Buenos Aires.

Week InReview: March 9, 2018

More Things in Heaven and Earth -

Some Silicon Valley-based companies, including search engine giant Google, have started to employ in-house philosophers. Others, among them the instant-messaging and telecommunications company Skype, use the service of philosophical counselors such as Andrew Taggart to engage teams of managers with philosophical questions related to their daily business. These practical philosophers are gradually entering the business world, where local executives employ them as de facto "chief philosophy officers" (CPOs). The job role appears to be a mixture of consultant, life coach and strategist. CPOs are responsible for helping the CEO or the business to tackle fundamental questions such as "What is a good and virtuous life?", "How can I be a good boss?" and "What should the purpose of my business be?"

Why Your Board Needs A Chief Philosophy Officer

Week InAdvance: March 5, 2018

Mon Mar 5 CFTC chair at bankers conference in DC. | Tue Mar 6 Treasury secretary in the House. | Wed Mar 7 Beige Book. | Thu Mar 8 SEC investor advisory panel. INVESTORS Market Practices Council & Mortgage Securitization Council telecons. | Fri Mar 9 MSRB compliance workshop.

Week InReview: March 2, 2018

In Case You Missed It... New regime of high volatility defied by these crucial metrics Changes in volatility measures may only be short-term reactions rather than a wholesale regime shift, offering a potential tonic to traders who have been on edge since inflation data punched up turbulence in late January (BloombergMarkets | Mar 1) & more!