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Week InReview: December 15, 2017

"What managers do mostly is identify potential, build teams, assign tasks, measure performance and provide feedback. Generally speaking, humans aren't very good at these tasks," said Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a professor of business psychology at University College London. "Someday, we might not need managers anymore." Meet your new boss: an algorithm - The Wall Street Journal

Week InAdvance: December 11, 2017

Mon Dec 11 WTO in Buenos Aires. | Tue Dec 12 One Planet Summit in Paris. | Wed Dec 13 FOMC rate decision. Geminids meteor shower. | Thu Dec 14 FSOC meetings. INVESTORS Market Practices telecon. | Fri Dec 15 SEACEN in Bangkok

Week InReview: December 8, 2017

The European Union's MiFID II law that takes effect next month is expected to drive a significant, rapid shift in trading of bonds and derivatives to electronic and other trading venues. A Deloitte survey of a dozen buy-side firms showed the law will lead to a decline in private, over-the-counter, trading in many common contracts. "MiFID II will transform the market structure for non-equities," Deloitte said.

Week InAdvance: December 4, 2017

Mon Dec 4 IOSCO derivatives committee in Hong Kong. | Tue Dec 5 Closed Senate session on Fed chair nominee and S. 2155. IOSCO meets on regulating market intermediaries. | Wed Dec 6 CPMI-IOSCO policy group in Tokyo. | Thu Dec 7 SEC Investor Advisory Committee. House panels examine OFR, housing finance reform, federal regulatory regime. Basel III briefing in Frankfurt. | Fri Dec 8 MSRB Rule G-42 virtual workshop.

Week InReview: December 1, 2017

This just in... The INVESTORS Legal & Regulatory Council is relaunching to provide a legal resource to other Councils and to monitor the myriad regulatory developments. For more info, or to join the LRC, please contact Matthew Jones, staff director at (202) 712-9050 or