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Week InReview: June 30, 2017

"Reforms to OTC derivative markets are replacing a complex and dangerous web of exposures with a more transparent and robust system that better serves the real economy. Global banks now hold over $800bn more collateral against their OTC derivative counterparty exposures, and the coverage of exposures by collateral has doubled to nearly two-thirds. More resilient central counterparties are reducing the risk of contagion to the banking sector from the failure of individual institutions. FSB jurisdictions need to do more, however, to address remaining legal barriers which are preventing authorities from fully realising the benefits of trade reporting."

Mark Carney, Chair
Financial Stability Board

Week InAdvance: June 26, 2017

Mon Jun 26 Central banking forum in Portugal. | Tue Jun 27 'Summer Davos' in China. SEC & CFTC chairs on the Hill. House Ag derivatives clearinghouse hearing. | Wed Jun 28 Fed CCAR results. | Thu Jun 29 Senate hearing on housing finance reform. OECD global forum in Paris.

Week InReview: June 23, 2017

Robots Are Eating Money Managers' Lunch "Rishi Ganti used to help manage the personal fortunes of hedge fund founders David Siegel and John Overdeck, whose quantitatively driven strategies turned them into billionaires. Ganti, 45, says he's glimpsed the future of his industry. A wave of coders writing self-teaching algorithms has descended on the financial world, and it doesn't look good for most of the money managers who've long been envied for their multimillion–dollar bonuses."

Week InAdvance: June 19, 2017

Mon Jun 19 World Bank global risk course in DC. | Tue Jun 20 CFTC advisory panel to discuss clearing surveillance. | Wed Jun 21 Summer solstice. INVESTORS Market Practices Roundtable in Boston. | Thu Jun 22 Fed to release first annual stress test findings. Regulators on the Hill. SEC advisory panel meets on on declining IPOs and capital formation. | Fri Jun 23 NASAA cybersecurity roundtable in DC. | Sun Jun 25 NY Fed's Dudley at BIS annual meeting in Basel.

Week InReview: June 16, 2017

Treasury's Wall Street relief doesn't have to wait for Congress - Mnuchin says 80 percent of proposals don't need legislation; regulators can act alone on Volcker Rule, stress test changes | Trump's Wall Street game plan needs players - The Trump administration has said the bulk of its plan for overhauling bank regulation can be done via executive order and through regulators. But Trump is months away from installing top officials at key regulatory posts to carry out his agenda. | Bank rules need a trim rather than a buzz cut - US Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin's report badly overstates its case | Does anyone remember how to make a subprime mortgage? - Brokers willing to learn the lost art of making risky mortgages are in demand again | FINRA to release more guidance on bad brokers - At Georgetown event, CEO Cook says the self-regulator will give firms a better understanding of expectations on identifying high-risk brokers

Week InAdvance: June 12, 2017

Mon Jun 12 International Monetary Conference in London. | Tue Jun 13 SEC compliance outreach in Boston & Chicago. EC EMIR hearing in Brussels. | Wed Jun 14 FOMC rate decision. IOSCO committee in Bucharest. | Thu Jun 15 SEC-MSRB webinar. 'Wannacry' lessons learned hearing. | Sat Jun 17 FINRA TRACE UAT. Sun Jun 18 C20 Summit in Hamburg.

Week InReview: June 9, 2017

$16tn US retirement sector faces radical overhaul - Introduction of fiduciary rule on Friday will force advisers to put clients first | Wall Street says rules risk next crisis. Trump regulators agree. - U.S. uber watchdog said to review impact of rules on trading; financial firms have long argued that rules dried up liquidity | Steven Mnuchin faces a big decision on quantitative tightening - Treasury has key role in shaping how a shrinking Fed balance sheet will affect markets | Clayton team signals rethink for SEC enforcement - Trump administration expected to pursue fewer 'marginal' financial market violations | Automated trading of commodity futures accelerating - Use of algorithms is controversial as study finds rise in volumes of traffic

Week InAdvance: June 5, 2017

Mon Jun 5 UN hosts the Ocean Conference in NYC. | Tue Jun 6 OECD Forum and Ministerial Council in Paris. Clean Energy Ministerial in Beijing. | Wed Jun 7 SEC OCIE webcast. IOSCO committee meets in Rio. | Thu Jun 8 House vote on Dodd-Frank overhaul, maybe. TRACE workshop. INVESTORS Market Practices Council telecon. | Fri Jun 9 Most of DOL fiduciary rule takes effect. | Sat Jun 10 149th running of the Belmont Stakes.

Week InReview: June 2, 2017

Bots all around you. Disinformation campaigns and the marketplace of ideas. But fake news has a cure. Inoculation based on cognitive psychology.