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Week InReview: March 31, 2017

"I compare the timing of information acquisition among institutional investors and sell-side analysts, and I show that hedge fund trades predict the direction of subsequent analyst ratings change reports while other investors' trades do not. In addition, hedge funds reverse trades after analyst reports, while other investors follow the analysts. Finally, I show that hedge funds perform best among stocks with high analyst coverage. These results suggest that hedge funds have superior information acquisition skills, and that analysts assist hedge funds in exploiting information acquisition advantages."

From a working paper by Nathan Swem of the Federal Reserve about Information in Financial Markets: Who Gets it First?

Week InAdvance: March 27, 2017

Mon Mar 27 Global business summit in New Delhi. | Tue Mar 28 House panels meet on SIFIs, fed audit, and bank lending. BIS's FSI holds ASBA meeting in Bogota, Colombia. OECD webcast on tax, G20, BEPS, transfer pricing. | Wed Mar 29 House panel meets on Volcker Rule. | INVESTORS Cyber Security Council meets; INVESTORS Monthly Members Meeting. | Thu Mar 30 OECD Integrity Forum in Paris.

Week InReview: March 24, 2017

Basel Deal 'Very Close' | Fannie & Freddie Need More Time on Single Security | G20 Communique Issued | R.I.P. David Rockefeller

Week InAdvance: March 20, 2017

Mon Mar 20 - Cherry blossom festival begins in DC as the March equinox brings spring to the northern hemisphere and autumn to the southern hemisphere. | Tue Mar 21 - House panels examine CFPB structure and de novo banks. | Wed Mar 22 - Boston Fed President in Bali for Basel Committee meeting. INVESTORS CMBS Council meets. | Thu Mar 23 - Senate Banking SEC chair nomination. | Sat Mar 25 - Treaty of Rome 60th Anniversary.

Week InReview: March 17, 2017

The Smell of Fear | Global cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab partnered with U.K. fashion/lifestyle blogger Scarlett London to create a perfume line they hope will serve as a symbolic reminder of the dangers that lurk in cyberspace. Threat de Toilette - with versions such as Social Enginoir, Mal-wear, and Phish - contains all the perfectly coded base notes of cybercrime, hints of spam, and drops of ransomware.

Week InAdvance: March 13, 2017

Week InAdvance | Mon Mar 13 DC conference on the state of global banking & finance. | Tue Mar 14 FOMC monetary policy meeting (thru Wed). Chile hosts Asia-Pacific trade talks. | Wed Mar 15 FOMC rate decision. | Thu Mar 16 G20 finance ministers & central bankers gather in Baden-Baden, Germany. | Sat Mar 18 China Development Forum opens in Beijing.

Week InReview: March 10, 2017

"There's a big fear that Mnuchin doesn't care, that he and the administration don't reform the market," said Jim Greco, a co-founder of Direct Match Holdings Inc., a Treasury-trading firm that's struggled to break the banks' death-grip on the market. At Finra's Rockville office, employees are creating a system to collect data on daily Treasury trading that at first will be shared only with regulators. The idea was that the next step could be that prices would be shared with the public, though Greco doubts that will happen.

Week InAdvance: March 6, 2017

Mon Mar 6 OCC & CFPB chairs speak in NYC. OECD conference in Paris. | Tue Mar 7 Launch of OECD economic outlook and G7 prospects in Paris. Brexit scrutiny in House of Lords. | Wed Mar 8 IOSCO meeting in Hong Kong. | Thu Mar 9 SEC investor advisory panel meets. MSRB webinar. House cybersecurity hearing. INVESTORS Market Practices meeting/telecon. | Fri Mar 10 SEC OIA summit.

Week InReview: March 3, 2017

The Cyber Cafe is now open. Every Friday in the INVESTORS Week InReview. Cybersecurity regulation, the latest standards, & news you can use. For more information on our Cyber Security Council, contact Matthew Jones, staff director at (202) 712-9050.