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Week InAdvance: November 28, 2016

Mon 11/28 Basel III Talks in Chile. OECD strategy meeting in Paris. | Tue 11/28 SEC equity panel meets. INVESTORS Legal & Regulatory Council meets. | Wed 11/30 INVESTORS Monthly Members Meeting. | Thu 12/1 OFR financial stability conference. IOSCO meetings in Tokyo, Berlin, Nassau and Rome (thru Sunday) | Fri 12/2 Fed innovation event.

Week InReview: November 25, 2016

"In the week after Donald Trump's U.S. election victory, investors pulled more cash out of U.S. fixed-income funds than at any time over the last three years, in one early sign that the recent bond selloff may have legs. Big selloffs in bond markets often go hand in hand with investors taking money out of mutual funds. This can create a vicious cycle, whereby selling begets more selling." Wall Street Journal 18 Nov 2016

Week InAdvance: November 21, 2016

Mon 11/21 CFR meeting in NYC. | Tue 11/22 Blockchain for financial services conference in London. | Wed 11/23 Fed minutes from Nov. 1-2 FOMC meeting. | Thu 11/24 BBA digital banking conference in London. U.S. markets closed in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. | Fri 11/25 U.S. equity markets close at 1 pm, bond markets close at 2pm.

Week InReview: November 18, 2016

A few takeaways from the inaugural gathering of the World Economic Forum's newly formed Network of the Global Future Councils - more than 700 though leaders from business, government, civil society, and academia - in Dubai this week to set the agenda for the WEF's annual meeting to be held Jan 17-20, 2017 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.

Week InAdvance: November 14, 2016

Mon 11/4 SEC forum on fintech innovation. Newly formed group in Dubai to set Davos agenda. | Tue 11/15 SEC weighs audit trail plan. | Wed 11/16 IOSCO/BIS seminar in Madrid. Open FSOC meeting on asset management activities. | Thu 11/17 FSB plenary in London. APEC in Lima. INVESTORS CMBS Council meets. | Fri 11/18 MAS regtech forum in Singapore. ISDA CCP update in NYC.

Week InReview: November 11, 2016

"In short, dealers are really just matchmakers. So here's the thing: we've seen how human matchmaking can be entirely replaced by (1) algorithms and (2) apps. For algorithms, that's just stuff like Match or eHarmony. And for apps, well, there's Tinder, etc. I assume that someone has even combined algorithms with an app, so users don't have to browse for dates, but just log on and are automatically matched. This model seems entirely applicable to many types of financial contracts. If I'm a hedge fund looking to go short on some debt obligation, I need to find someone who will sell me CDS. I could go to a dealer (and pay a nice bit for this), but why not just use an app that will match me with all of the funds that are looking to go long?" Adam J. Levitin Professor of Law A.B., Harvard; A.M., M.Phil., Columbia; J.D., Harvard

Week InAdvance: November 7, 2016

Mon 11/7 COP22 opens in Marrakesh. Web Summit in Lisbon. | Tue 11/8 CPMI-IOSCO group in Paris. Election day in U.S. | Wed 11/9 DOL ERISA meeting. | Thu 11/10 INVESTORS Market Practices Council meets. | Fri 11/11 Veterans Day holiday in the U.S. Stock markets open, bond markets closed.

Week InReview: November 4, 2016

"The securities laws, in large part, can be understood as a set of rules about information.... In this sense, "big data" is a continuation of an old theme. In another sense, the developments in data over the last 10 to 15 years represent a wholly new phenomenon, in the same way that satellite imaging is completely different from surveying a landscape from the top of a hill. At that scale, patterns become evident that would have been impossible to piece together by considering one plot at a time." from a speech by Kara Stein SEC Commissioner "A Vision for Data at the SEC" Big Data in Finance Conference